Fast and affordable feedback from your customers and followers about the content of your videos.

Post a Video

Choose demographics to collect about your audience and what they should vote on.

Share With Your Viewers

Scalable to the size of your audience. Text a handful of colleagues to review your sales pitch, or email tens of thousands of potential customers to watch and react to your video. Still building your audience? Remugio can source hundreds of viewers for you.

Sit Back and Collect Data

Watch as the votes come in for every second of your video.

Gain Actionable Insights

See how viewers reacted. Make data-driven decisions about how to tailor your marketing, distribution, or product.

For You

Rich analysis of your audience

For Your Audience

Easy and fun user interface

Simple Distribution

Copy and paste one link to share with your viewers

Insightful Analytics

See what people think about the content of your video

Viewer Demographics

View your results by age, gender, income, or any other category you choose

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