Remugio's online platform allows users to upload videos, collect moment-by-moment reactions from their target audience, and instantly access interactive analytics on the results. Remugio’s users include market researchers, advertisers, and other video content creators. Remugio's platform has a broad range of market research applications, from politics, to advertising, to education.

The Team

Paul Hansen

Paul holds a Ph.D. in English from UW-Madison and has professional experience in corporate and non-profit communications. His graduate research focused on relationships between fiction, film, and online publishing.

Finn Kuusisto

Finn holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UW-Madison, focusing on machine learning and data science. He is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Morgridge Institute.

Alper Sarikaya

Alper is a Computer Science Ph.D. candidate at UW-Madison. He specializes in using data visualization techniques to enable users to see and respond to insights and patterns in data.

Fred Turkington

Fred has a biochemistry degree from Case Western Reserve University, where he was a producer for a student TV station.

Annelle Roensch

Annelle holds a business degree from UW-Madison with a focus in Entrepreneurship.